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marzo 2017 centro salud atencion extranjerosFrom next 3th of April, English or French speaker residents will have a foreigner’s patient and user support at the Outpatients clinic (Centro de Salud).

As explained Carmen Cerezo, Councillor of foreigners, the initiative aims to provide the necessary processes and the communication within this domain bringing benefits to a sector of citizens with Spanish difficulties.

The service will be supported by the Town Hall Foreign Department and will be available Mondays afternoon from 3 of April.

Salud Responde, the helpful mobile App for your healthcare appointment

marzo 2017 app salud respondeOn the other hand, Sofía Gonzalez, Health Councillor, seizing the service implementation on the Outpatients clinic, she inform there is an App, an easy tool, it help and speed the appointment healthcare. With “Salud Responde” previous downloading and registration, you can request an appointment very easily without a call or without moving to the Outpatient Clinic.

The APP Salud Responde could be downloaded clicking here.


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